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WATER, a vital element for man and life in general on this Planet.

Here I show you some wonders that exist under water.

Due to the vastness and depth of the Oceans, until recently man believed that he could use them to dump garbage and chemicals in unlimited quantities without consequences.

Lembeh Strait_0122.JPG

I am a passionate diver with the great luck, to share my great passion and adventures

with many other wonderful people that I have met throughout my life.

Turn your passion for the sea into your hobby and discover another world,

A world full of grace and beauty, harmony and violence, simplicity and perfection,

What is Diving


Discover a world where the human being is only a visitor and where there are other laws that we must respect.


Being part of this world means respecting its fauna and flora and being able to absorb the enormous variety of life, colors and shapes.


There are only two types of diving, the recreational, the most widespread and the



Enjoy an unforgettable and exciting show and live your illusion.

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