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Become a diver

Turn your passion for the sea into your hobby!


Learning to dive is not difficult and above all very fun. You learn to dive at a diving school. It is advisable to choose a school that is affiliated with a renowned organization like FEDAS, PADI, CMAS, NAUI, or SSI. It is important to know the possibilities and the program of the diving school or association. Take a visit and ask about the experiences of others. Most diving schools offer an introductory dive (sometimes also a short course). So you can experience in practice if diving is something for you.


For more information click on one of the different diving organizations.


What equipment do you need to start diving?

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Mask: Allows you to have vision underwater.

Fins: They serve to move around in the water.

Booties: They fulfill the mission of isolating the feet from the cold.  

Weight belt and weights Essential in diving, so that your body descends in the water.

Neoprene: Essential in your practice, but even more so in diving, since depending on the water temperature you will need a wet, semi-dry or dry suit.

Gloves and hood: They are perfect accessories to protect yourself from low temperatures.

Hydrostatic vest: Also called a jacket or wing, it is the vest that will allow us to ascend in the immersion and also serves as a lifeguard.

Regulator: This is the respirator that connects to the air bottle. It is also the one that fulfills the function of inflating and deflating the hydrostatic vest.

Computer: Allows you to dive safer, more fun and easier. The computer displays a lot of information during the dive, such as decompression data, dive time, depth, and alerts you with alarms.


In the diving market there are a diversity of brands and products to discover what is best for yourself. The best thing is, that you exchange with experienced divers to discover which is the best for you.


From the beginning I decided on Mares. A brand with which I have had good experience and I have great confidence in the products they launch on the market. You know, if you have any questions regarding a Mares product you can contact me by mail or ask on the blog.

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