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About me

my best buddy

Miguel Silva
Alias "Mares Diver"
Dive Master  SSI

In my youth I always had great admiration for those people like Jacques-Yves Cousteau or Hans Hass who plunged into this unknown world. In 1997 I finally turned my illusion into what is now my great hobby, diving.


In that same year I graduated

such as OWD and AOWD with PADI . And then I continued with the diving courses until I reached my current qualification as Master Scuba Diver ( PADI ). And from Febr. 2021 I'm Dive Master SSI.


In all these years of diving I have had the great luck to meet wonderful people like Howard & Michel Hall from Howard Hall Production or the Biologist Uli Erfurth .

Andreas Allenspach
Alias "Andi"
Dive Master CMAS D4

To my other Buddy's

... naming a few like Röbi , Bea, Susanne, Chregi, Fredy, Roger from the " TGH " diving club in Switzerland, as well as my friends Carmen and Lalo from the "Noraysub" diving club in Calahonda. I thank you for your friendship and the good times that you have offered me both outside and in the water.


I owe my synonym "Mares Diver" to my Swiss friends from " TGH ". This is because all my dive gear is from "Mares". I acknowledge being a great Mares fan to which I am loyal and I have great confidence in it for its quality and the innovative products that they launch on the market.

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